Now is the time to clear out the tech junk you have in your house or workplace

I am a big fan of social enterprise Substation33 – working to solve multiple social and environmental issues with their e-waste facility in Logan.

I would like to share this urgent request for help, seeking a simple donation of ANY computers, laptops, keyboards, monitors, cables, in any condition, whether the are working or not.

Many young people in Logan don’t have access to a computer to participate in home learning and Tony and his team at Substation33 are working hard to change this. Please find this message below, clear out your broken tech and donate it to Substation33.

From Tony Sharp, Founder of Substation33

“Difficult time we are in for sure – but even more difficult if you struggle with or don’t have any tech in your home.
Add to this, having to have tech to home school your young people – problem.
Substation33 has part of the solution as per the below Youtube-

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13th Annual GLAM It Up For Charity – Friday 25th October 2019 Jellyfish Restaurant Brisbane

With loads of heartfelt encouragement from my friends (and of course being cheered on by Mia and Harrison) I am hosting GLAM It Up For Charity for the 13th year, in two weeks (YES TWO WEEKS!!!) on Friday night 25th October 2019 at the stunning riverside location of Jellyfish Restaurant – and I would LOVE for you to come along.  Link to book tickets here.

School shoes sized for prep to Yr 12

Each year I select a different, small, grass roots Queensland charity, helping vulnerable women and children.  This year, the charity is Zephyr Education Inc a Brisbane based charity that help children affected by domestic violence get back to school as soon as possible.   Last year alone Zephyr helped 2800 children with practical support such as school shoes, lunch boxes, book lists and uniforms.  Sal and I have just visited Zephyr and their work is nothing short of inspiring.  Isabella and her husband David (plus a load of amazing volunteers including Isabella’s sister Carmel) run this 100% volunteer organisation “in their retirement” out of their garage, and are currently supporting 98 domestic violence shelters across Queensland, Tasmania and WA.

To give you an example of how the funds raised will be spent:

$250 will pay for a primary school uniform including shoes and sports uniform
$150 will pay for a school bag containing stationery, textbooks lunchbox and water bottle
$50 will purchase a pair of good quality school shoes and socks (we stretch our dollar by purchasing stock from school suppliers at wholesale prices)
$20 will purchase a prep pack or stationery items or lunch boxes and water bottles.

GLAM is only a success because of the amazing community (you) who support it each year, and I would be very grateful for your support again this year. Please gather your glam gang, both guys and gals and book your tickets to celebrate GLAM being a teenager.  Even if you can’t attend this year, there are a couple of other ways you can get involved:

  1. Buy some raffle tickets – purchase raffle tickets here
  2. Make a donation to the GLAM total (all donations will receive a tax deductible receipt from Zephyr) Make a donation here.
  3. Donate a reverse goodie bag – collect and donate school supplies in a bag to the event, or drop to me pre event.  Examples of items needed are at the end of this post.  Write a comment on this post and I can get in touch with a drop off address.

Thank you for being part of GLAM gang – I am very grateful for your constant support!

x Tara




















Zephyr like to give new items because when the child receives the pack it makes it even more special.  Often these kids have never had anything new in their lives.

We can still use slightly used items in good condition. These are useful because we distributed this stock to the shelters for in house use.

  • Children’s underwear all sizes
  • Sanitary items (this means young girls in indigenous shelters don’t miss out on going to school because they are having their periods)
  • Any kind of marker pens, felt pens, crayons, colour pencils and general stationery
  • Good quality pencil cases
  • Activity books
  • Lunch boxes
  • Sunblock (for school swimming lessons)
  • Small novelty Prep bags such as Super Heroes, Frozen etc (always nice to be able to supply something a little different for the very young prep children)
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12th Annual GLAM It Up For Charity – Friday 26th October 2018

Photo credit: Katische Haberfield

It is with a broken heart, I have decided to go ahead with my annual charity dinner, GLAM It Up For Charity this year.

Working inside the not-for-profit sector, GLAM has been my way of giving back to my community each year.  I am grateful that I don’t ‘do’ GLAM on my own. There is a small and amazing group of friends who help me pull GLAM together each year.

In its 12th year, this ‘little’ dinner has now raised over $110,000 for local and grassroots Queensland charities, mostly supporting vulnerable women and children.

Devastatingly, my darling husband and best friend Joe died suddenly in July. I am still in complete shock and crippled with sadness.  The kids and I are struggling to navigate this new life without him.

Joe was kind, whip-smart, fun and funny. He had the biggest heart, always had my back and supported me with every crazy idea, charity event, and dream I had. Without question, he happily came along to every GLAM dinner, even if it meant he was the only guy in the room.

With much encouragement from my gorgeous friends, long-time GLAM supporters and a “you can’t not do GLAM this year Mum”, from Mia (she plans to take GLAM over from me when she is 18), I have decided to go ahead with #GLAM18 on Friday 26th October 2018 at Darling & Co. in Paddington.
Dress theme: GLAM with heart ❤️💕


This year, I would like to support the organisation that fought so hard to save Joe’s life, The Prince Charles Hospital Intensive Care Unit.  The Prince Charles Hospital is Australia’s leading cardiothoracic centre, and funds raised at GLAM will contribute to both research and facilities within the Intensive Care Unit.

The format will be a little bit different this year – it will be cocktail style. Tickets will be $120 per person and include a 3 hour drinks package, plenty of cocktail style food / food stations and a band / dancing til midnight.

I have increased the capacity that the venue can take, so please spread the word and book your ticket ASAP. All very welcome to come along (husbands and significant others incl). This event will be in honour of Joe and with thanks to the doctors and nurses who work so hard every day.

Tickets are available for purchase via

I hope to see you there. Thank you for your kindness, love and support x Tara

#glamitupforcharity #GLAM #GLAM18 #forJoe

If you can’t come along to GLAM, but would still like to support the night, here are a few simple ways:

  1. Buy raffle tickets online at – you don’t have to be there to be a winner
  2. Donate blood – Joe took a huge amount of blood and platelets in his last days. Book in today and donate #forJoe
  3. Sign up to the organ donation registry
  4. Donate or source a prize
  5. Bid on an online silent auction prize – link TBC
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Wine and cheesemaking supporting Paws For Diabetes

A big thank you to Sam Bayford-Brown for sharing her story on charityspam:

Toby, our 14 year old son has type 1 diabetes.

We have spent the past four years navigating the ups and downs of Toby’s diabetes, with many stresses and stains along the way.  To live, his body needs insulin and the maturity to accept and deal with the everyday routine which is keeping him alive.

Luckily for our family we were accepted by Paws For Diabetes to be eligible for a medical alert dog.

Medical Alert Dogs are trained to smell the chemical body changes that occur as the insulin levels increase or drop. When a child is experiencing a high or low, their body is releasing chemicals that change their typical scent.

img_9605In April we were overjoyed when Austin joined our family. An 8 week old groodle who was selected through the breeding programme of groodles (golden retriever x poodle) Australia and the guidance of Paws Diabetes.

Austin is no ordinary puppy, he is a registered service dog who is currently on an intense programme learning to alert and support Toby.  This training will continue for one year. With the assistance of Paws Diabetes, Toby and I are teaching Austin, our dog-paramedic, to alert for highs and lows, plus many other tasks if Toby becomes ill.

Austin brings great joy to the family, and supports Toby in staying safe and alive.  He helps give me peace of mind at night and helps to raise awareness educating people in our local community, Tobys school and sport groups.

We are so grateful to have Austin, and in attempt to give back and support the organisation that is supporting us – Paws Diabetes, next week, I am hosting a Wine and Cheese-making (and eating) night fundraiser, as my way of saying thank you.  I hope you can come!

Date: from 6pm, Thursday 10th May – yes next week!
Venue: Brisbane Golf Club, 70 Tennyson Memorial Avenue, Yeerongpilly
Cost: $45 per person, includes a demonstration of how to make mozzarella by Green Living, wine tasting of four different local wines accompanied with the cheeses to go with them.

img_9606Tickets purchased through the club ph: 3848 1008 or via email

A social evening and all for a good cause, Paws Diabetes, hope you can join us x

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Boomerang Bags – sew sustainable

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 11.14.47 AMBoomerang Bags started in 2013 when Co-founders, Tania Potts and Jordyn de Boer had the dream to reduce plastic bags in their community of Burleigh Heads in Queensland.

Five years on, the worldwide Boomerang Bag community has grown to include nearly 300 groups who have made more than 86,000 cloth bags to replace 47 million plastic bags across the world – including Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Phuket, Thailand; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Iceland. Thanks to the growing number of supporters and thousands of dedicated volunteers, Boomerang Bags has now become a global movement of grassroots, community action.

Boomerang Bags are upcycled textiles, made from old clothing, or any fabric fairly (easy to sew) that would otherwise be at the end of its life cycle and end up in landfill.


Boomerang Bags works to reduce the use of plastic bags by engaging local communities to make Boomerang Bags – community made, using recycled materials.

Boomerang Bags provide a free, fun, sustainable alternative to plastic bags.  Get involved with these four easy steps:

Step 1) Connect
Boomerang Bags communities are areas in which groups of volunteers get together to make bags. You can be one person or a village. Join a nearby Boomerang Bags community, or get some friends together and start a group of your own.

Check out the communities map to see who’s nearby, or register your details here for more information about how you can implement boomerang bags in your local area.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 3.17.46 PM

Step 2) Collect materials
Rummage through the linen closets of family, friends and friends of friends, or clean out your local op-shop for second-hand materials suitable for making bags.

Step 3) Make bags
Get together with above mentioned group and make Boomerang Bags! You can use our templates, or come up with your own designs.


Step 4) Put them to use
The bags can be given away to friends, family, colleagues, the bag-less stranger in front of you at the supermarket. They can be used to wrap presents in or stashed in your car and handbag so that you’re never caught without a reusable bag when you need one.

However you choose to distribute your bags, the most important thing is to ensure that they’re distributed with a message…about waste, about sustainability, about community…make the connection and empower and inspire people to be part of the solutions!

Connect with Boomerang Bags on facebook, instagram or the Boomerang Bags website.

Read more about their work:




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It is time to axe the tax. Period.

AxeTheTaxIt is time to stop taxing the dignity of Australian women. Period. And we urgently need your signature!

This 2018 International Women’s Day, be part of the movement, to axe the tax on sanitary items in Australia.  Rochelle Courtenay, Founder of Share The Dignity is leading a nation-wide petition to lobby our government to remove the GST on pads and tampons.


One week, 12 months, 30 years, 12.2 million women. The time is up, don’t let your mum, daughter, sister, grandmother, or best friend continue to be a number where their human dignity is treated as a luxury.

Currently, all feminine hygiene products in Australia are classed as ‘non-essential items’, in other words a luxury product. They are not included in the Federal government’s list of important health goods such as sunscreen, condoms, nicotine patches and even incontinence pads. 

Before GST was introduced in 2000, a proposal was made to exempt such products, but it was dismissed by then Prime Minister John Howard. At the time, Health Minister Michael Woolridge, likened feminine hygiene items to shaving cream, saying “Well, as a bloke, I’d like shaving cream exempt, but I’m not expecting it to be”.

Far from shaving cream, feminine hygiene products are essential health products, without which, those women who menstruate every month for an average of 30 years, would have no way of pursuing a normal public or private life and would be at risk of jeopardising their health.

A federal petition was lodged on 1st March which requires 100,000 signatures by 30th March to be applicable to be heard. Should the petition succeed this would mean, after years of society treating this normal bodily function with shame, feminine products would be confirmed as a very basic necessity in Australia and therefore GST free.

Rochelle Courtenay, Founder of Share The Dignity, and author of the petition, is calling out for all women AND MEN, to sign by March 8th, International Women’s Day, to make this change. Sign the petition here!

“Justice Scalia once wrote ‘A tax on tampons is a tax on women’, but it goes further than that. By taxing feminine products, we as Australians are aiding to the violation of human dignity of those who we love the most. This is an issue for both women and men,” says Ms Courtenay.

With federal members believing this is ‘not an important issue’ Australians are implored to sign and share, to make 2018 a year where dignity is restored.

Sign the petition here, and share this post with your friends!

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Help PowerWells solve world energy poverty – pledge your support today

Can you imagine your life without a reliable source of electricity?

PowerWells project-imageIt is estimated that between 1.2 and 3 billion people around the world have little or no access to electricity and / or modern fuels, to meet basic needs such as cooking, heating, access to healthcare, education and employment.

It is common for people living in disadvantaged and remote communities to travel many hours in a day simply to charge their mobile phones or spend large portions of their incomes on dirty and hazardous polluting fuels such as kerosene, batteries and candles.

BradNick PowerwellsSerial social entrepreneurs Brad, Nick and Amatus, from Brisbane have a solution to solve world energy poverty, starting with remote communities in Papua, West Papua, Indonesia, PNG and Pacific Island countries.  They have launched tech start up PowerWells a small, self contained, off-grid solar energy and battery supply system made out of recycled e-waste, capable of delivering a basic, reliable power source.

Watch the PowerWells short video here.

The main goal of PowerWells is to extend the productive hours of the day for increased educational and economic activity.  On a recent trip to PNG they discovered a main use of mobile phones is to use the torch at night to read papers or books.

By using electronic-waste (e-waste) and ex-commercial solar panels, Powerwells can deliver a cheaper solution (a self contained system of solar energy production and battery storage) AND reduce the amount of hazardous materials going into landfill.

PowerWells is similar in concept to a community water well.  It is centrally located for communities to charge small electronic devices including batteries, phones or torches (up to 50 small devices per day) and power a light that is big enough to light up a communal space for 5 hours.

Kids PowerWellsThe PowerWells model will up-skill local people living in the countries where PowerWells are deployed, to source local materials and also construct the PowerWells. This will provide local employment opportunities and teach people new skills to make use of e-waste, beginning with how to construct PowerWells (including accessories) and in the future they hope it will extend to making products such as 3D Printers.

PowerWells NEED YOUR HELP! They have 12 days left to raise $12,000 on their crowd-funding campaign to create 100 self-contained power supply systems that will provide a basic, sustainable and reliable power supply to remote communities.  The campaign finishes on 19 January  – visit to make a pledge, even $5 will makes a real difference to this campaign!

PW Supporters.jpg

So how did this all come about? PowerWells formed in late 2017 as part of the Logan Social Enterprise Startup Weekend. They won the Get Started category of the event.  Nine days later they were on their way to Jakarta. They met a local, Johannes, who lives in a remote village eight hours (including a two-hour walk) out of central Jakarta that didn’t have electricity. Thirteen days after the Startup Weekend, they had their first PowerWell installed in Johannes’ village, where it continues to provide power and lighting for the community!

Learn more about PowerWells on the PowerWells crowdfunding page or facebook page,

AND….if you have any electronic waste in your home or workplace (anything with a plug or a battery) PLEASE consider donating it to Substation33 a social enterprise based in Logan in South East Queensland who use electronic waste to help disadvantaged job seekers get employment ready.  Read more about Substation33 here.


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