Expresso Train Café & Catering – Social Enterprise in Nundah, Brisbane

Recently I heard about a fantastic Social Enterprise in Nundah, Brisbane.  It is called Expresso Train Café & Catering, 46 Station Street, Nundah – just opposite the Nundah Train station.  The Café is part of the Nundah Community Enterprises Co-operative (NCEC) formed in 1999 to provide meaningful employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues.

Incredibly, NCEC derive the bulk of their income from café and catering trade, and receive no ongoing government funding.  Their goal is for the customer not to realize that they are a social enterprise, and that they are simply a great café who offer fabulous coffee, food and catering.

So what is a social enterprise?  A social enterprise is a business or organisation that applies capitalistic strategies to achieve philanthropic outcomes.  It is more than simply a business who gives profit share to charity, it is a business set up with a primary purpose to fund social needs, rather than individual profit – often charities set up social enterprises as a revenue stream.

NCEC is a not-for-profit organisation that currently trains and employs 23 people with meaningful work opportunities.

So next time you are looking for some catering, or simply need to meet a friend or business contact out ‘somewhere’, why not choose Expresso Train Café & Catering and support them with your custom, oh, and please spread the word!

Contact details:
Address: 46 Station Street, Nundah 4012
Phone:    (07) 3260 7414

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I love helping charities and not-for-profits. I am a fundraiser by day and a community do-gooder by night. I often get caught up in great charitable projects and fundraisers, of which I attempt to encourage (some call this spam) others to get involved - hence the name charityspam! My background is in corporate social responsibility and marketing, and I work as a fundraiser/consultant for Social Money Solutions ENJOY! Please subscribe and help spread the word!
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