Take My Seat challenge: Friday 23 March 2012

Today’s post brought to you by Sheila Andrews, Manager, Injury Prevention Programs at Spinal Injuries Association:

Can you imagine going to get a coffee before work one morning and not being able to get your much-needed coffee because of a 5cm step at the entrance to the café? Or what about going to get out cash and having to travel an extra three blocks to find an ATM that has a keyboard low enough for you to use? These are just some of the challenges people with a spinal cord injury face each day.

The Spinal Injuries Association is Queensland’s peak body for people with a spinal cord injury. We believe in rebuilding lives, promoting independence and preventing injuries.

On behalf of the members and clients of the Spinal Injuries Association, you are invited to support Take My Seat. And by that I mean, spend half a day using a wheelchair to raise money and awareness for people with spinal cord injuries.

This event will take place in the Brisbane CBD on the morning of Friday, 23 March. We are seeking participants to join this event, which was described as ‘a sobering experience’ from one of last year’s participants.

Your participation will allow you to gain a unique insight into the daily accessibility issues our clients and members face. You will be chaperoned for the morning by one of our members as you tackle a number of everyday challenges that you might not otherwise think twice about – such as going into a clothing store or catching a taxi.

Take My Seat is also an opportunity for you to raise vital funds for the Spinal Injuries Association, with each participant committing to raise a minimum of $2,000 through sponsorship from friends, family members and colleagues.

No able to participate, but would still like to support the cause?  Donate here or follow Spinal Injuries Association on facebook here.

Should you have any questions about the Spinal Injuries Association or wish to discuss other ways you might be able to support our cause, please contact (07) 3491 2044 or email enquiries@spinal.com.au.

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