next overseas holiday, pack for a purpose

Mauritis, Fiji, Bali, Thailand, Maldives are some of the most dreamed about and heavenly holiday destinations in the world (ok, ok maybe this is just my list). But what some people dont realise, is just beyond the tourist strip or resort hotel fence there is a third world country. It can sometimes be difficult to identify what the specific needs are in these places. That was, until recently when I discovered an amazing website Pack For A Purpose.

Their goal is to assist travelers who want help the locals in the countries they visit, travellers who want to add another dimension to their holiday. They supply lists on the Pack For A Purpose website that are provided directly by the local community-based projects that will receive them, enabling travelers to make informed decisions and bring items which meet the needs of the people who will be using them.

Items range from school supplies, medical supplies to sports equipment. Can you fit 400 pencils in your luggage? Or five deflated soccer balls? Sure you can!

Pack for a Purpose in five easy steps:

  1. Select your destination
  2. Find your lodging and a project it supports
  3. Choose the supplies you wish to bring
  4. Drop off the supplies at your lodging when you check in
  5. They will be delivered for you, it’s that easy!

Check with your airline and travel agent to determine the current luggage allowance to your destination and visit the Pack For A Purpose website!

All it requires is a small space in your luggage, a little effort and you will have a holiday with BIG IMPACT!

Like Pack For A Purpose on facebook, or follow them on twitter – Happy Holidays!

About charityspam

I love helping charities and not-for-profits. I am a fundraiser by day and a community do-gooder by night. I often get caught up in great charitable projects and fundraisers, of which I attempt to encourage (some call this spam) others to get involved - hence the name charityspam! My background is in corporate social responsibility and marketing, and I work as a fundraiser/consultant for Social Money Solutions ENJOY! Please subscribe and help spread the word!
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2 Responses to next overseas holiday, pack for a purpose

  1. This is an amazing initiative – and like all the best ones, so EASY to implement. I’ll definitely be doing this on my next holiday. Thanks Tara x

  2. Hi Tara,

    As the founder of Pack for a Purpose, I want to assess my deep gratitude for the wonderful shout out you have given us in your blog. I could not find a direct way to e-mail you, but if you could send me your e-mail address, we have an actual ‘Thank You’ we would like to send you. Our initiative works by spreading the word, and you have been a big part in making that happen.

    With appreciation,
    Rebecca Rothney

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