1000 births, 1000 lives

In grade 12, I spent a lot of time avoiding study, playing loads of sport, obsessing about boys and generally wondering what I was going to happen when I “grew up”.

Not Natalie Charlton, who is a year 12 student at Brisbane’s St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, who I have to say, seems wiser and kinder beyond her years.  I recently read about Natalie who has launched a campaign “1000 Births, 1000 Lives” raising funds for 1000 birthing kits via the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia).

Every year some 536 000 women die of complications during pregnancy or childbirth, 99% of them in developing countries (World Health Organization, World Health Statistics 2009).  The Birthing Kit Foundation is working to lower these horrendous statistics through preventing unwanted pregnancies, improving antenatal care, improving capacity for dealing with obstetric complications, providing clean birthing conditions.

The birthing kits are a simple plastic zip lock bag with six items in them; a plastic sheet, soap, two gloves, sterile scalpel blade, 3 cords and 5 gauze squares.  This basic life saving kit (that only costs $3) addresses the 7 cleans needed for safe delivery; a clean birth site, clean hands, clean ties, clean cut, clean eyes, clean umbilical cord and clean perineum.

Natalie is well on her way to reaching her goal of 1000 kits, having won several school awards for her philanthropic endeavours, she has spent her recent winnings kickstarting her campaign, by purchasing the first 200 birthing kits for “1000 Births, 1000 Lives”.

Using Natalie’s own words: Any donation would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way in the fight to ensure that all women, no matter where in the world they are, are able to safely and hygienically give birth to their children and not suffer from a crippling illness or disability as a result. 

To support Natalie in her “1000 Births, 1000 Lives” campaign, go to www.mycause.com.au/1000Births1000Lives

Huge congratulations to The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) who are about to assemble their 1,000,000th birthing kit – see their website for more info.

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