100 blankets in July, and other ways to make a difference

Through the power of social media, I heard about two inspiring Brisbane ladies; Denise Hoyle and Kerry Krause, who, alongside a small army of like-minded kind folk, call themselves Making a Difference – Brisbane.  Their current goal is to collect 100 Blankets in July to give away at an upcoming BBQ in South East Queensland helping homeless people.

Denise and Kerry first forged a partnership in January 2011, in the aftermath of the Queensland Floods, when over 26,000 homes were flooded.  Over the course of the next year, Denise and Kerry worked tirelessly helping people get back into their homes and continued with flood recovery work helping create a group called Families for Families who helped over 150 families. The pair sourced donations of furniture/clothing and household items, Denise explains “it was a seven day a week job but very rewarding.”

During their Queensland flood recovery work, they met Grant Richards, better known on twitter as “Grant the Polite Guy” a former Big Issue Vendor, current Buffed Shoe Shiner and founder of Mates Helping Mates, so it was a natural progression to want to help him with the BBQs he runs helping people who are homeless.

The first Mates Helping Mates BBQ was held in Ipswich in November 2011 and was an opportunity to provide clothing, toiletries and other donated goods to people who were homeless or doing it tough.  Grant is in the process of organising another, which will mostly likely happen in August 2012, location and details still TBC.

In the meantime, Denise and Kerry’s aim is to have 100 plus hygiene packs and 100 blankets (or sleeping bags) ready for distribution at Grant’s upcoming BBQ, and are grateful for any donation of blankets and basic hygiene items from the community.  “Our hygiene packs contain everything from a comb to deodorant, tissues as per list on our FB page. Women’s sanitary items are in high demand but because of the cost it is harder for us to obtain them”.

If would like to make a difference please visit the Make A Difference 100 Blankets in July facebook page or make contact via email.

On a personal note, bravo Denise, Kerry and Grant (and all of your supporters) for the inspiring work you do!

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1 Response to 100 blankets in July, and other ways to make a difference

  1. Bonnie says:

    Oh this is wonderful to hear! 🙂 What inspiring people! Always warms my heart to hear of small pairs and groups making such a difference.

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