Ava’s Tea Party – be glad, give thanks and cherish

The message behind Ava’s Tea Party is simple: take the time, make the time, to savour moments of love and laughter with those you adore.  This August they would would love you to “join in, where-ever your hear lies, with whom-ever your heart loves”.  Don your frilly things, dust off the fancy china, bake a cake or dotty cupcakes, pick fresh flowers, but most importantly…

be glad, give thanks and cherish.

Each year, in loving memory of Ava Rosemeyer (22-08-2003 – 05-02-2007) there is a movement of love; Ava’s Tea Party takes place in homes, in parks, in mothers groups all over the world.

Behind this beautiful movement is a heartbreaking story of little Ava, a beautiful “superprincess”. Here is a piece of Sheye Rosemeyer’s (Ava’s mum) broken heart:

“There was a day, a beauty full August 2003 Winters day, where our long yearned for baby girl joined our family. We named her Ava and she grew and we loved and we planned a lifetime of togetherness. Then there was another day, a middle of Summer day, that came along and took our adored daughter back to Heaven. Three short years later and a lifetime too soon…amongst the many things we didn’t get the chance to share with Ava was a tea party.  A proper, best frocks with socks and ribbons in hair tea party.  We planned it out, we talked it over.  We bought the china, and the socks and the dress.  It seems though, fate had other plans and we never got the opportunity.” ~ Sheye Rosemeyer.

Please take a moment to read more about Ava’s beauty full legacy here. I hope you feel inspired to organise your own “Ava’s Tea Party” this August.  Take a peek at last year’s gallery here.  There are lots of pretties for sale on Ava’s Tea Party website, profits go direct to Paradise Kids a Gold Coast Children’s Charity founded in 1996 to help children deal with grief through death, loss or illness in attempt to ‘help heal the heartache.’

Like Ava’s Tea Party on facebook here, and til next time be glad, give thanks and cherish.

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1 Response to Ava’s Tea Party – be glad, give thanks and cherish

  1. Kate Mc says:

    What a beautiful (yet very sad) story. Will you be attending or hosting one with Mia? If so, Luella & I would love to be involved! 😉

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