Friends for Fiji Appeal 2013

FriendsforFijiToday I met the amazing Jo Hassan, who alongside Sam Brown, a facebook page and a whole lot of community support, is trying to fill a twenty-foot shipping container bound for cyclone-ravaged Fiji this Friday (08/02/12).

I had heard about the appeal via Baked Relief and I visited Jo today, with a car load of goodies.  Jo told me the full story:

Jo and Sam were in Fiji in mid December with their families when category 5 Cyclone Evan “smashed into the Island of Fiji“. Whilst they felt relatively safe in their hotel rooms with torches, food rations and a bathtub full of water, Jo said it was terrifying to look out of the windows and see the devastation literally occur before her eyes.

FriendsforFijiEvanThey were deeply saddened by the destruction of Cyclone Evan and wanted to help locals who had literally lost everything. On their return to Brisbane, one thing lead to another and now they are well on their way to filling a 20’ container by 5pm this Thursday 7th February 2013.

But they still need your help:

Jo and Sam are working directly with Save the Children Fiji and need donations of clothing (including shoes), sheets, towels, toys, kitchen utensils and canned food. There is a special request too for children’s books as schools have lost their libraries.

“Being in the cyclone has left a lasting impression. We just had to do something to help. We created a huge challenge for ourselves and have been overwhelmed by the response so far. Every hour friends are dropping donations off to our homes and our businesses.” Jo said. See pictures and updated info on their facebook page: Friends for Fiji.

If you are able to donate any of these items (pre-loved and new) please email / call 0411 490 418 for more details.

 Last call for donations is 5pm this Thursday 7th February 2013.

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