a call for help – 2013 #bne BBQ for homeless and others who need it

GrantthePoliteGuyThere is a Big Issue vendor in Brisbane known as “Grant the Polite Guy” and each year he organises a large scale and free BBQ for homeless people (and others who need it) in Musgrave Park in West End, Brisbane.

With recent wild weather in Queensland, this year’s BBQ is set to be bigger than ever and is this Sunday 17th February from 10am til 2pm and Grant the Polite Guy needs your help!  The main items needed are whole fresh fruit, bread, clothing and cash donations.  There is a full list of other items needed on his blog and on his facebook page.

As Grant puts it: “people who need it will get free food, free clothes, shoes, toiletries, blankets, toys and much more. Many services/organizations will be available for information and assistance. No money will change hands, as long as people can carry it, its theirs.”

JeromeGrantJerome Dalton, from Dalton Hospitality is a proud supporter and major sponsor of the event.  Jerome commits his entire business to the BBQ for Homeless providing food, marquees, cold rooms, infrastructure, his full kitchen crew and head chef (and partner) Iohne Simpson who “cooks up some really tasty food for the attendees”.

“All volunteers are welcome, but be warned, it may change your life”.  Jerome tells a sad story “one particular old lady comes to every homeless event in brisbane and has done for many years, she attends in the hope that one day she will find her son who disappeared  a long time ago. She sits at the end of the buffet and just watches. It’s heart wrenching and uplifting at the same time.”

Jerome has even employed one homeless man from last year’s event, which he describes as great!

It is rumoured that some of Queenland’s most kind hearted foodies are also pitching in to lend a hand on the day including Natascha Mirosch, Ben Donaldson and Tess Carmody.

I will close with Grant the Polite Guy’s own words: “Anyone interested, please come, donate, and/or volunteer on the day. Bring your children and they will have a very positive life experience also. Thank you, and cheers to you all!”

About charityspam

I love helping charities and not-for-profits. I am a fundraiser by day and a community do-gooder by night. I often get caught up in great charitable projects and fundraisers, of which I attempt to encourage (some call this spam) others to get involved - hence the name charityspam! My background is in corporate social responsibility and marketing, and I work as a fundraiser/consultant for Social Money Solutions www.socialmoney.com.au ENJOY! Please subscribe and help spread the word!
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