stop traffick – the JC Denim Project

The United Nations estimate that 20.9 million men, women and children are trafficked around the world for purposes of forced prostitution, labor and other forms of exploitation every year. This is equivalent to the entire population of Australia.
This figure includes an estimated 5.5 million children being trafficked. This figure is believed to be conservative. (

stop-traffick-3.11Two organisations trying to do something about this horrific human crisis is Destiny Rescue and JC Clothing Company – watch this inspiring clip of hope: Stop Traffick – The JC Denim Project

In their words: The JC Denim – Stop Traffick campaign is a hands-on, fully-fledged, cross-country, fashion-meets-ethical-social-justice project designed to see girls set free from the sex trafficking trade.

JC Denim is working with Destiny Rescue, an organisation dedicated to rescuing trafficked girls in poor nations like Cambodia and Thailand, to be a part of the solution.

Destiny Rescue finds these girls and gets them out of the situation they’re in. Once they are in a safe environment, and rehabilitated, the girls are taught a trade.

Each pair of JC Denim jeans is handcrafted by one of the young girl graduates from the Destiny sewing school. When you buy a pair of JC Denim Project jeans, you are giving a young girl a chance at a better life; a hope for the future she can hold onto.


JC Denim believe “if more people can bring work into these remote areas for the girls, pay them well for it, and teach them the skills that they need to be able to make an income or sustainable business, then we believe that is a really exciting prospect, not just for us, but for a lot of companies around the world.”

To purchase your pair of JC Denim handcrafted jeans visit

To find out about other ways to get involved, visit:
Destiny RescueFacebook or twitter
JC Clothing CompanyFacebook or twitter


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  1. Paige says:

    YAY the JC guys are simply an amazing crew – so happy their message is getting out there! they do amazing work not only in this arena but in all sorts of areas – thanks so much for sharing Tara!

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