Over the weekend, I received this email from 1 Million Women, a community of daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers inspiring climate action. I urge you to take action: 


Image from Sunshine Coast Daily

Dear Tara,
In a disgraceful decision, the government-appointed authority that is meant to protect our Great Barrier Reef has instead cleared the way for 3 million tonnes of dredge spoil – the equivalent of 150,000 big truck loads – to be be dumped on the seafloor inside the Great Barrier Reef’s World Heritage waters. This to make way for a giant coal port expansion!  

This is just the latest outrage plunging the future of the Great Barrier Reef into crisis.  In June this year, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee will consider listing the reef as ‘World Heritage in Danger’. 

Over recent days thousands of 1 Million Women members have emailed the Prime Minister demanding protection for the Great Barrier Reef. Our Facebook has exploded with anger over the shameful treatment of our natural wonder.

1 Million Women is asking the Prime Minister:  To urgently act and halt developments that are threatening the Reef –  to save it for future generations.

Please join our stand for the REEF by:

  • Emailing the Prime Minister now at this link – EMAIL THE PRIME MINISTER
  • Sharing this email with your networks and urging them to act too.

Thanks a million
Natalie Isaacs
Founder and co CEO

1 Million Women has 90,000 joined and over 52,000 on our Facebook. Our long-term aim is lasting behaviour change. Our goal is to inspire 1 Million Women to take practical action on climate change. It’s easy. We will show you how.

A community of daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers inspiring climate action.

Follow 1 Million women on facebook or twitter.


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