help launch a new tv show for sick kids – Juiced TV

I would like to introduce you to another amazing Queenland based social entreprenuer; Pip Russell.  Pip, previously a presenter for children’s programs Totally Wild and Toasted TV, is hoping to raise $15,000 in the next two weeks, enough to launch a TV show called Juiced. A TV show made by sick kids in hospital, for sick kids in hospital.  I will let Pip tell you all about it, in this guest blog post:

juicedtv2The way sick kids experience hospital is about to change, with the goodness of Juiced TV.

At it’s core, Juiced is a TV show made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital.

But, it’s also much more than that. Juiced will increase positive experiences for sick kids while in hospital, and create a unique way for them and their families to engage and communicate with one another, while also reducing the alienation felt in an environment that can be scary and sometimes painful.

The idea for Juiced is a culmination of more than 6 years volunteering and working alongside the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and my background in kids TV with Network Ten, but at the heart it’s driven by my deep seeded desire to serve others.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 1.15.24 pmIt’s grown from an idea to film a few of the entertainment acts at hospital party days, into a 4 tiered program that consists of: an internal television show, created and hosted by the little patients, days of ‘hands on happiness’ (core filming days that take place at the hospital), and experiences created for sick kids and their families based on patient needs and family wishes. Finally, there’s also the interactive website which will allow the kids and families to share TV segments and their positive experiences with relatives and friends, while also making Juiced TV content accessible throughout the country.

The content for Juiced TV is limitless – the kids can nominate nurses and doctors to do dares, learn arts and crafts and magic tricks, get up close with weird and wonderful creatures, and have the chance to meet some of their celebrity idols… and let’s be honest if I was to cross my fingers for a celebrity cameo, I unashamedly vote for Taylor Swift!

Juiced can be as big as we want it to be. Personally, I can’t wait to see it grow into a program that connects sick kids and their families right across Australia, with TV shows being made at every major children’s hospital in the country, as well as filming opportunities taking place in regional areas, and then to see it develop on an international scale.

juicedtv1 The more kids we can connect and bring together, the more Juiced is going to help give them back their childhood and create a sense of normalcy, in circumstances which can often be beyond what we’d like to imagine.

However, for the project to be a success we need the support of individuals and businesses in our community to help provide experiences and entertaining content for the show, and on a bigger scale, we’re in search of sponsors to join the Juiced crew so that we can bring big smiles to little faces, for years to come.

Juiced is running a crowdfunding campaign to assist with initial production of the show, and to help us reach our target of $15,000, we’ll be hosting a fundraiser at Riverlife Kangaroo Point, on Sunday September 21 from 1pm. Drinks, food, entertainment, and raffles a plenty.

Be part of Pip’s crowd funding campaign to raise $15,000 and bring Juiced to life – donate here today. Find out more on the campaign on the Juiced website, facebook and twitter.

 Juiced will begin basic production at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane before an official launch at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. Good luck Pip!

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