join the plastic pollution revolution

My 2015 new year resolution is to join the plastic pollution revolution and reduce my household’s plastic footprint.  I would love to be able to eliminate plastic from my life altogether, but, taking a look around, plastic is in almost every thing. It is easy to be overwhelmed on this humongous issue.  So, here are three easy 2015 resolutions that I think almost anyone can do, I would love for you to join me and reduce your own plastic consumption.

TapWaterMakesCents1. SAY NO TO SINGLE-USE WATER BOTTLES – I LOVE my reuseable bottle (I will remember to bring it, fill/ refill it, reuse it) and I will not purchase single-use water bottles. They are expensive, unnecessary and wasteful. Queensland Healthy Waterways (QHW) a not-for-profit organisation working to protect and improve South East Queensland waterways, have just launched a new website that uses your location to direct you to the nearest free source of tap water – AWESOME! QHW report that plastic bottles are the most common item removed from our waterways AND that drinking 2L of tap water a day will cost you less than $1.50 for a whole year, whereas buying the same quantity of water in single use water bottles, will cost you $3000?

SayNotoPlasticBags2. SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS – I will remember to bring my own shopping bags, and decline plastic shopping bags at the checkout. I will bring a nana bag, trolly or basket every time I head out out the door, with enough room in for secret purchases.  On my big supermarket shops, I will remember to bring my reuseable bags – they are not very environmental if I leave them at home.  I will remember to bring them and I am taking my kids along for the ride on this, and hoping they will remind me and hold me accountable to this resolution. Every year, over 7 million tonnes of rubbish end up in the world’s oceans, 80% of which is plastic.

coffeecups3. BYO REUSEABLE COFFEE CUP – I will remember to pack my reuseable coffee cup from home, and wont create extra landfill by having my morning coffee from a disposable cup.  Last year, my beautiful friend bought me a KeepCup for my birthday, it ws a great gift from a great Australian company challenging the disposable culture in Australia – since 2009 they have sold over 3 million KeepCups, diverting billions of cups from landfill.  AWESOME!  I will remember you dear KeepCup when seeking out my morning coffee.

I learnt lots of very interesting (and terrifying) things researching this post:
deadbirdBundanoon a small town in NSW Southern highlands, was Australia’s first bottled water free town, that is right a WHOLE town signed up not to use, buy or sell single-use water bottles in 2009, and they are still going!  AMAZING!  Instead they have installed bubbler and water bottle refill stations around town and the school.
– In a recent study, 92% of the dead seabirds found in the test area had ingested plastic up to 5% of their total body weight
– Out of all plastic bottles, only about 20% are actually recycled
– Almost all bottle caps are not recyled, because they are made out of a different type of plastic
– It can take up to 1000 years for a plastic bottle to biodegrade
– It takes seven litres of water to make a one litre water bottle
– Up to 30% of turtle deaths in Moreton Bay are caused by the ingestion of plastic litter
– Plastic bags look a lot like jellyfish and kill marine life who mistake them for food


Queensland Healthy Waterways are running a campaign to encourage people to join the Plastic Pollution Revolution, visit their facebook page, make a pledge and reduce your plastic footprint.

Clean Up Australia Day are celebrating 25 years of volunteer action across Australia.

In 2014, an estimated 572,406 volunteers cleaned up 15,708 tonnes at 7,140 sites across Australia.

Get involved in Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday, 1 March 2015.

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