Can you help Wondai State School – children’s book fire appeal

Good news!  Wondai State School now have enough books to stock their new library – a very big thank you to everyone who donated and responded to the call for help!  The response was just AWESOME! – 09/02/2015

Update on the Wondai State School children’s book fire appeal – 05/02/2015

Angela spoke to the Wondai State School librarian and they are still in need of these items ONLY:
Fiction suitable for boys years 7 – 9 ( so 12 to 14 year olds)
Non fiction – history/geography – arts and recreation – science – technology – environment – farming and animals – disasters – war and autobiographies.

All overflow books will be donated to Queensland drought affected farming families and to Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.


Update on the Wondai State School children’s book fire appeal – 04/02/2015

THANK YOU so much for the overwhelming support for this children’s book appeal.  The incredible community support for Wondai State School has been nothing short of amazing – thank you, thank you, thank you!  Angela is checking with WSS to confirm they have enough books, any overflow will be distributed to other schools or organisations in the west who may be struggling, or in to the distance education system to be donated to farming families who need them.  We will also make contact with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to see if they need any childrens books.

I absolutely promise that every book donated or accepted so far will find a home with someone deserving.” ~ Angela Galvin



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Over the recent school holidays, Wondai State School, in South Burnett, Queensland, lost their entire library in a fire.

The fire on January 10 devastated the library that had been one of the school’s major projects and the focus of fundraising efforts by the P&C.

Wondai State School principal Ruth Miller said it was a scene of “total devastation.  I got there in the middle of the night. It was just horrible. Nothing could be done,” she said.

The library was a much loved resource to students and teachers alike.

Wondai is a small town, in between Kingaroy and Gympie, with only 2000 residents. It is located on the Bunya Highway approximately 230kilometres north-west of Brisbane.

BooksTo help them start the school year they are asking for donations of childrens books that are in good condition. Any books you can spare will be gratefully accepted. They can be dropped off at Kingaroy state School during office hours.

Please pass this message on to anyone else who might be willing to donate a book or two.

Alternatively, books can be posted directed to the school at:

Wondai SS
PO Box 44
Wondai QLD 4606

Please share this message on your facebook page – thank you for your kindness in helping out!

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20 Responses to Can you help Wondai State School – children’s book fire appeal

  1. Latoya says:

    I can gather books at emerald Qld, is there a drop off centre nearby or a courier that may help out with delivering these books?

    Please feel free to contact me

    • charityspam says:

      Hi Latoya, thanks so much for your message! I will see if there is a way we can get the books you collect to Wondai. Can you please let me know the volume you collect? Thank you so much for your kindness in donating childrens book! Kind regards, Tara

  2. Kim Marie says:

    Could you please let me know where I can leave books in Brisbane, have not been able to make contact to find out where I can drop them off! Thanks,

  3. Could I have the drop off details for Brisbane also please as I have some books that should help

    • charityspam says:

      Hi there WendawhileTrish! Thank you so much for your kind offer of help for Wondai State School. There is a drop off point at Mitchelton and Auchenflower, I will send you a direct email shortly and we can figure out which is closer for you. THANK YOU! Cheers, Tara

  4. Christy says:

    Hi, I’m in Brisbane and have got some tween/teen/young adult books looking for a new home (things like Tamora Pierce, Judy Bloom, Artemis Fowl series etc).. Would these be suitable or are you after more early reading/picture books?

    • charityspam says:

      Hi Chrissy, thank you so much for your kind offer of help with children’s books for Wondai State School. I dont exactly know what books they are after, but the school has grades from prep to grade 9, so I am sure these books would be great! THANK YOU! Cheers, tara

  5. anne todd says:

    Hi! We have a selection from our kids younger years we are happy to donate. My husband is traveling through on Saturday 14/2 and can drop off to the school . Also happy to collect in Gladstone and deliver as well.

  6. Hello, a friend wanted to know where the Mitchelton drop off spot was. She can’t get through via the phone.

    • charityspam says:

      Hi Martine, thank you so much for your response! The drop off address in Mitchelton. The collection has closed, as there are enough books now, but Angela said she would be happy to take yours. Thank you for your generous support of this project! Kind regards, Tara

  7. kellie Connell says:

    Hello, we have collected a lot of books at our Fernwood Chermside Women’s Health Club, where can we drop them off? please email us Thanks Kellie

    • charityspam says:

      Hi Kellie, thank you so much for getting behind this appeal, the response has been nothing short of incredible. So incredible in fact, that I have heard that Wondai State School now have five times the amount of books they can actually use! I have contacted The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation and they are very keen to recieve the overflow books, or I know that the Indigenous Literacy Foundation also have a Great Book Swap later in the year too. So unfortunately I dont have a drop off location in Brisbane for you just yet. What is the volume that you have collected? I might be able to organise something for you. Please let me know, and thanks again for your generous support! Cheers, Tara

      • kellie Connell says:

        Hello Tara, we have at an estimate of between 150 and 200 children’s books, in a box the size of a large laundry hamper. I look forward to hearing where they can be of best use.

      • charityspam says:

        Brilliant work Kellie! I have sent a number of requests to local charities to see if they would like them, and waiting to hear back. I will be in touch soon with a plan. Thank you for your kindness! Cheers, Tara

      • charityspam says:

        Hi Kellie, what is the best phone number for me to reach you on? Kind regards, Tara

  8. Sue Warren says:

    After I reposted this post on my Reviews blog, I also sent a request to the publishers for whom i review. I do know that Simon & Schuster have sent a box to you. I do have some new copies of various review books if you would still like some more new ones. I could drop; them at the Mitchelton point you mentioned if need be.

    Sue Warren

    • charityspam says:

      Hi Sue, thank you so much for your generous support of this project! Wondai have now stopped collecting books and sound quite overwhelmed by the community response to helping them. We are just working out a plan on what to do with the overflow books, I will be back in touch with you shortly. Thank you again for your kindness! Kind regards, Tara

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