karma kegs and R U OK to run for beer

willrunforbeer2Have you heard of Karma Kegs?  A karma keg is a keg of beer, where you decide how much you will pay for your beer, and the money usually goes to charity or funding community projects.  Lots of bars across Australia are joining the karma keg movement, including a couple in Brisbane, including bars Pumpyard in Ipswich, Tiplers in Newstead and Brewski on Caxton Street, Paddington.

Tomorrow, Sunday 31st May, is the first of many beer related charity fundraiser events happening in Brisbane over the next two weeks put on by a group of micro breweries who call themselves “The Blood, Sweat and Craft Beer Team”. Their event is called Will Run For Beer Event at The Mill, 239 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, Brisbane. They will be doing more than a karma keg, in fact, they have been busily brewing to run a kind of karma bar afternoon – all profits for the day will do straight to charity R U OK.

willrunforbeerThe team consists of micro brewery owners and brewers, who are aiming to raise $10,000 for the cause.  They are also running again in this years City to South – see more below about another one of their events, a 14 bar pub crawl drinking a breakfast beer!

So what can you do to help I hear you ask!!!   Show up and drink beer – that is it!   They figure many people are already doing this, so why not get yourself along to The Mill and get yourself an extra warm fuzzy feeling of helping someone else.

Dress Code: Your best Running Attire
Taps: the brewers will have something a bit special for you!
Facebook event page here

For more info about R U OK visit their website, or facebook.

The next event is planned for after they run City to South on Sunday 14th June; a 14 bar pub crawl following the run!   They have developed a breakfast beer that is not too high in alcohol and easy to drink.  It’s full of oats, banana and bacon. Current tentative names include Hammerhefe, Lace up and Stairway to Hefen.

Current pub list includes Hoo Ha Bar, Tiplers, Bloodhound, Tomahawk, BOSC, The Burrow, SuperWhatNot, Brewski, Statler and Waldof, Lefties and The Scratch.

If you cant get along to drink beer for a good cause and still want to help, you can donate here.


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