Substation33 a social enterprise diverting e-waste from landfill

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 4.26.41 pmA few weeks ago, I discovered that you can recycle soft plastics, turning your plastics into useful things like park benches and play ground equipment.  Today I discovered Substation33 a social enterprise based in Logan, Queensland, who recycle electronic waste, providing a workplace where volunteers and employees gain confidence and skills for the transition to sustainable employment.  AWESOME!

eWaste is the fastest growing waste stream to landfill. Substation33’s goal is to offer a cleaner, more Earth-friendly option for residents of South East Queensland to dispose of old computers, monitors, servers, office equipemnt, household appliances, mobile phones and all obsolete/unwanted electronic equipment.

Your eWaste will be disassembled by their team of volunteers and the materials recovered are directed back into the manufacturing stream.

The crew at Substation33 even boast that if they had a plug or a battery, they could recycle it.

So clear out under the stairs, dont put that old tv, heater, computer into landfill – recycle it via Substation33 – find out more here:

Or get in touch:
31 Mary St Kingston 4114
P: 3826 1533

Substation33 is open Monday to Friday 8.00am til 4.30 pm except public holidays

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