Sneakers for Samoa appeal November 2015

I would like to introduce you to my friend Anna, who is running a collection for second hand sports shoes and equipment for people in Samoa – please read on and give generously!  Learn more about the project on the Sneakers for Samoa facebook page.

SneakersSamoaKnown as the land of ‘happy people’ Samoa is one of Australia’s closest neighbours. Alarmingly it is also the 5th most obese country in the world with 70% of Samoan people considered overweight. With limited arable land, processed food is the staple of most people’s diets while poor infrastructure, cultural norms and lack of programs prevents many from ‘getting physical’. 

In an effort to support people of all ages to get active, two local triathlon clubs have recently formed. The clubs are already seeing some great results with four locals already completing a gruelling IRONMAN distance triathlon and countless more competing in the local running and swimming races. 

While energy levels are high, the clubs are limited by lack of training equipment. Which is where my friend Ray comes in. Ray is one of the world’s gentle giants. Born and raised in Samoa, he took up triathlon when he arrived in Australia and completely fell in love with the sport. He is passionate about supporting others to share his love and so for the past two years has been collecting used equipment and sending it back to his homeland all at his own expense. 

This November we launched ‘Sneakers for Samoa’ and we’re asking people to donate their old sneakers, training clothes, swimming or cycling gear so we can send it directly to Samoa. Our ship leaves on the 15th November, so we just have a few days left. While we’re not particularly fussy, we ask that all kit is clean and in reasonable condition. 

To arrange pick up or drop off of donations in the Brisbane area please contact Anna on

Your second or third pair of sneakers would mean a lot to people like 14 year old Ronnie who recently completed his first 10km race….in socks.

Thank you for your generous support!

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