Making waves – turning ocean waste into skateboards


 I heard about a super cool skateboard brand today, one that recycles ocean waste into skateboards. It is an LA based company called Bureo, who collect and recycle fishing nets from the coast of Chile, turn the nets to decks (skateboards) and sell them across the globe.

 In 2013, the founders – three mates, who share a passion for surfing, skating and sustainability, set up “Net Positiva” a fishnet collection and recycle program in Chile, to clean up our oceans. 

Their idea of a recycled fishing net skate deck was a world first. In 2014 they ran a crowd funding campaign, where 507 backers pledged over $65,000 to bring the first ocean debris skateboard to market.

Fishing nets are a major threat to marine life, making up over 10% of  ocean plastic pollution and killing nearly 1000 marine mammals per day. 

One Bureo skateboard uses almost 3 sqm of fishing net debris. In the first year alone, Bureo and Net Positiva collected and recycled over ten tonnes of discarded nets. 

You can buy your very own Bureo skateboard (and other cool sustainable goodies) online for $149 USD (plus shipping) or via this impressive global retailers list, including outlets in Australia at Patagonia stores in Burleigh Heads, Manly, Torquay and Byron Bay. 
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What are you waiting for? Get your skate on!

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